We create CONFIDENCE and HAPPINESS. Women of today want to escape the ordinary. Buying and wearing BRONX shoes make them feel confident and happy. That is what BRONX aims to do and this is the promise of our brand. A promise we kept for the last century. And a promise we aim to keep for a very long time to come.

The BRONX signature.

We freely use our own HERITAGE archives and reinterpret catwalk craziness. We use edgy ornaments combined with rich materials and we add our own unique flavour of TOUGHNESS and FEISTINESS. A women that wears BRONX stands out from the crowd. She decides, she is in control, she has a mind of her own. SHE ESCAPES THE ORDINARY.

One brand, one family.

FAMILY businesses are run differently. Continuity reigns over quick profit. People are key. We welcome all our staff, clients and suppliers to be part of the BRONX family and work together to keep the brand promise alive.


Unique BRONX buying reasons:

Your customers will be satisfied. BRONX offers HIGH QUALITY shoes at an AFFORDABLE PRICE. This speeds up turnover and minimalizes shoe returns. Your customers will buy frequently. The BRONX brand vision or the BRONX promise if you like offers your customers the same experience with every pair of shoes they buy. They are sure of that. YOU yourself will be satisfied. It is easy to do business with BRONX. Easy selecting, easy ordering, speedy delivery from our stock base. No hassle. You will keep your peace of mind. You know the shoes will sell well and you know you can rely on a brand that is HONEST, DEDICATED and LOVES SHOES.